3 International Environmental Agreements That Philippines Has Participated

1.126 While there were no specific requirements to report to Parliament or Canadians on the achievement of results in the five environmental agreements, responsible services have, in some cases, used their departmental performance reports to report on international environmental agreements. However, in most cases, the reports focused on departmental activities or initiatives, not on environmental outcomes. We found an exception: with respect to the ozone schedule, Environment Canada provided information in its performance reports on the xenon content of soil in major cities and the concentration of clean air pollutants. 1.2 We found that both the Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depleting Substances and the Ozone Annex apply to the United States. Air quality agreements, expected environmental outcomes have been defined and Environment Canada measures actual results in the complacency of these expectations. In both cases, the Department knows to what extent it is achieving the environmental objectives we have studied. 1.125 We found that environmental results are measured and readily available only for the Montreal Protocol, the Ozone Annex and UNAMI. The results of the Montreal Protocol on the reports of the United Nations Environment Programme and the Canadian series of national environmental indicators are thus reported. For the ozone schedule, air quality results are set out in the Canada-U.S. Joint Annex. two annual reports as well as in Environment Canada`s department performance reports. THE MINF has information on the status of the various straddling and migratory fish stocks of NAFO and CICTA. 1.76 The various information we examined do not provide sufficient guidance on the state of marine oil pollution.

Transport Canada has also sought to gather information from the various marine pollution prevention programs, but has provided only limited evidence that it has analyzed the problem, assessed the effectiveness of existing prevention and surveillance programs, or clearly defined the expected environmental outcomes of these programs. 1.16 Because international environmental agreements reflect the federal government`s major environmental policy, Canadians should know what has been achieved and what has not been achieved through these agreements. In line with the federal agenda and commitments, we are committed to reviewing accountability for the outcome of some international environmental agreements. “To ensure a sustainable future, the Philippines has value creation strategies to ensure the provision of ecosystem services and green growth to combat pollution and environmental degradation.