A Tenancy Agreement Guarantor

Hello, sew someone to confirm, a rushor may be responsible for the sum in rent arrears, if theant does not pay the rent. The surety is not a party to the lease, my lawyer thinks that I have no reason to take legal action against him and that the letter of guarantee he signed is worthless because he did not sign the lease. Does anyone have a similar problem to me? the tenants owe me 8000 euros in rent arrears, I`ll make your bailff appointment to evict them, but they`re students, so it`s unlikely I`ll get a little cent back. Hence my decision to sue the Gurantor as much as possible. It is always best to carefully consider each guarantee agreement so that the surety knows how and when its liability ends. It may be possible to negotiate an amendment to the guarantee contract in order to limit the liability of the surety. If you specify z.B the start and end date of the agreement, for example, the duration of the original fixed period.B. The owner is often surprised at how often a deposit is required. At MakeUrMove, we advise owners to be careful and obtain a guarantor if in doubt. In general, we suggest that a surety may be required if a tenant has a low credit score or if he or she is a low-risk tenant, for example. B a student, a DSS tenant or if he has a low income. If the tenant does not comply with his obligations under the contract, the surety will bear all the losses, damages, expenses and costs incurred by the loss of the tenant. It also means that, if there is a single agreement to cover an entire house, each guarantor is in fact responsible for the entire rent, because under “shared and multiple liability,” the lessor can sue any contracting party to the loss recovery agreement.

Unfortunately, many parents of descendants of students cannot recognize it or where they do, they may not like it. However, parents should be careful, as rents common to students or groups generally carry a joint and several responsibility – which means that the parent guarantees to all other residents and not just to their child! The application form for the deposit is similar to that of the rental application.