App Distribution Agreement

Only for PC software – Marketing Development Funds/Coop. If you or any of your related companies are part of an agreement with Amazon from time to time under which you (or your partner) have agreed to pay development marketing funds, discounts, discounts or similar payments (together “MDF”) for the physical version of a PC software, then you also pay us equivalent MDF for the PC software distributed under this agreement. We can charge you for payments due with the amount of MDF you have to pay. 2. Devices and Requirements (a) Trimble distributes the company`s applications authorized by the following distribution methods: by making the company`s application available via the website. (b) The branding on the hardware (including the user interface) of the devices is determined by Trimble and does not include corporate or corporate trademarks unless the parties have expressly agreed in writing. As a Fitbit user, you have already approved Fitbit`s terms of use and, as an app developer, you have also approved the terms of use of the Fitbit platform. By submitting a distribution application, you enter into this additional legal agreement with Fitbit and accept the terms of this distribution agreement. In the event of a conflict between this sales contract and either fitbit`s terms of use or the terms of use of the Fitbit platform, this distribution contract will have control over it. The following software is subject to this Agreement: The licensee retains full ownership of all intellectual property rights related to the distributed software. This includes all updates, symbols, copyrighted images and documents as part of this software distribution agreement.

general. This agreement can only be signed in writing by both parties or amended in accordance with Section 15. If a provision of this agreement were to be invalidated by a competent court for the parties to this agreement, that provision is deemed to be as effective as possible to best reflect the original intentions of the parties, in accordance with applicable law, and the rest of that agreement remains fully in force and effective. The word “including” is interpreted without restriction when used in this agreement. The parties to this agreement are independent contractors and nothing creates a partnership, joint venture or similar relationship. Each party will bear its own costs and expenses in the execution of this agreement. Each party may use one or more subcontractors to exercise its rights and fulfill its obligations under that part. Each party is responsible for its subcontractors` compliance with the existing parts of this agreement when carrying out work on its behalf and is responsible for the infringements.