Book Sales Agreement

The publisher and the author are granted an extension for all obligations related to this book publishing contract, which are related to circumstances that are not under their control, affecting their ability to meet their contractual obligations. D. If the publisher does not exercise within 10 days or if the parties do not agree on the option within 30 days, the publisher has no other rights. (Avoid the publisher having the right to delay the response to the option until 30/60 days after the publication of the first book: in the worst case, the publisher must respond according to the final manuscript of the first book). B. If no agreement is reached, the author may terminate (possibly subject to the “first product” – see point 2.A). At any time and for any reason at its discretion, Peoples Literature Publication OPC Pvt Ltd may terminate this agreement, your access to the site and/or services, your account and may at any time, without notice, stop you all pending offers or sales. Peoples Literature Publication OPC Pvt Ltd disclaims any liability or obligation to terminate this contract. f.

If the book contains advertisements or other content from third parties (along with other examples from other works published by the publisher), the author receives 50% of the fees paid to publishers. The book contract also covers the practical aspects of book development, such as z.B.: Each of your listed articles can be verified by the Peoples Literature Publication OPC Pvt Ltd before being put to purchase. Peoples Literature Publication OPC Pvt Ltd may have the right to refuse any product for reasons if the product does not comply with this agreement. H. Scholarships: Authors of specialized textbooks and books may apply for grants to cover additional expenses such as travel, research assistance or specific works of art. The publisher sends the author a quarterly statement detailing the net copies sold and the net proceeds after publication of the works, as well as quarterly royalties, in accordance with the provisions of this publishing agreement. Reports and payments are distributed continuously to the author by the publisher no later than the last business day of each calendar quarter. This agreement is the whole agreement between the parties.