United Steelworkers Local 1 1937 Collective Agreement

“Our members opposed a company that wanted to break up our local union,” said Brian Butler, President of ETC Local 1-1937. “You chose the wrong fight with the wrong local union. Our members negotiated a contract that achieved many of our members` objectives and, above all, did not make concessions to Western forest products. According to the WFP communication, the new agreement also provides for improvements in health and social protection and clarifies the implementation of Western drug and alcohol policy. The press release states that Western has maintained its management rights for the operation of alternative positions, while accepting an improved job verification process. United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 (ETC) has ratified its agreement with Western Forest Products, with workers voting 81.9 per cent in favour of adoption. According to a WFP press release, the new five-year collective agreement will enter into force on June 15, 2019 and expire on June 14, 2024. With regard to wages, the contract offers an increase of 3 per cent in the first year, a two per cent increase in years two and three, a 3 per cent increase in the fourth year and a 2.5 per cent increase in the fifth year. According to a USW press release, USW members working for contractors representing forest industrial relations have ratified the agreement at 93%.

The agreement also provides the company with additional operational flexibility in its logging operation by allowing the introduction of SUPPLÉMENTAIRES contractors to ensure that it meets its annual reduction requirements. “We are pleased to have a new collective agreement that recognizes the significant contributions of our employees and allows Western to serve our customers who, through their purchases, support thousands of jobs on the B.C. coast,” said Don Demens, President of wfP and Ceo. “We are focused on planning for a safe return to work and, while our goal is to start operating as quickly as possible, commissioning will depend on staff availability and contractors, market demand, weather conditions and adequate wood supply.” United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 represents 6,100 men and women in a variety of occupations, including the forestry industry, throughout the coastal bc region. Butler said it was an impressive act of solidarity that focused members on fighting a large, successful company that “attacked their pensions, job security, health and social security services and many other fundamental rights that our members have negotiated for decades.” “While we have not achieved our goal of ending what members consider to be dangerous alternating teams, we have improved the litigation process by ensuring that companies conduct operational tests of safer bearings, which the union is proposing, so that our members can show that there are other schedules that are not only as productive as their desired teams. but are also safer for workers. The strike affected Powell River employees, who occupied a strike cabin near the Western Forest Products Office near Powell River Airport during the eight-month strike.